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Virtual Doctor Visits...

Why I LOVE Virtual Doctoring... A doctor available 24/7/365 - Oh Yeah!


How many times have I sat in the Doctor’s office sick as a dog, waiting and waiting, surrounded by sick people and emergencies that need immediate attention? A bunch! And you?? Ever find yourself dragging a sick kid to the doctor, but because you have 3 kiddos you have to take them all? Then there’s an emergency and you wait and WAIT... Sounds like fun. Well...this does not have to happen anymore with Virtual Doctor Visits. Yay!! Not only does this service save you time, but it also saves you money! (Time is money, right?)

I myself have used a Virtual Doctor service (or 2) and LOVE it! No more waiting with the - sicker then me - peeps. Nope, I can stay home in the comfort of my own bed or on the couch...Nice!

There are many options for Virtual Doctor Visits ...Teladoc, MDLive, Telehealth, telemedicine … and more. Each platform is slightly different, however, the core of them appears to be the same or similar. They provide you with access to board-certified doctors and pediatricians who are available to resolve many of your medical issues via phone or virtual (video) consultations. It's quality healthcare, when and where you need it. ... the doctors diagnose and treat many non-emergency medical problems. If they feel you need to see a doctor in person...they will advise you to do so.

Virtual care may be used to treat a whole lot more than just bumps and bruises..there’s acne, allergies, sinus, cold/flu, constipation, cough, diarrhea, ear problems, fever, headache, insect bites, nausea/vomiting, pink eye, rash, minor respiratory problems, sore throats, urinary problems / UTI, minor burns and skin infections, just to name a few.

Of course, for anything more serious be sure to call 911 or go straight to the nearest emergency room to get the skilled care that is needed. No messing around here. Use your judgement. If someone can’t breathe at your house take them to the ER.

Again, benefits vary from plan to plan, so be sure and check them out…some plans are by household, some plans are per person, some cover anyone living at your address...grandma, grandpa or your cousin.

Other Benefits may include: RX - Some have Pick - Up and Delivery Available, Prescription Assistance, Diabetic Supply Program, Some Lab test can be ordered with Physician approval, with affordable pricing, Some will save you up to 20%-50% on MRI’s, PET and CT Scans


Additional restrictions may apply depending on your plan -Full physical exam and medical testing - can't be done virtually -Refill Another Doctor’s Prescription -Cannot diagnose, treat or manage a chronic illness -No Controlled Substances


I can remember one time heading to vacation. You know where this is headed…. Yep... had the tickets, bathing suits, heck.. we were at the hotel… and … I am the guilty one…. I got sick. No Virtual Doctor back then, trying to find a doctor’s office or a clinic that could “squeeze” me in, then the waiting and waiting with a raging fever (for what felt like days).. Oh, what a disaster for the kids. NEVER AGAIN! Like I said I LOVE Virtual Doctoring.


Easy Peasy. However, once you have a plan, get going and set your profile up.… like pronto. Don’t wait like I did the first time… 2 AM I had to fire up the computer and I’m filling in the blanks to set up my profile because I need to talk to the Doc NOW!!


CAN SAVE YOU MONEY!! Did you know that just one visit to an ER can cost as much as an average month of rent or more?? According to recent studies the cost of going to an ER can range around $1900 and UP… (DMagazine 2/19) Yikes!!

Oh By the way… those little clinics around town that say ER…. they are actual ER’s and they cost just as much going to the Emergency Room at the hospital so proceed with caution…$$$

So the benefits of a Virtual Doc are fantastic, No travelling to the Doctor’s office and waiting and waiting, the Doc can go anywhere with you including on Vacation...and your doc is literally just a call away! I’m loving my Virtual Doc! You want one? Don’t wait until you have an illness or sickness, call or email me today to set up an appointment to get you started with your very own Virtual Doctor.

Stay well,

Susie Parker

Licensed Broker

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