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8 Tips to Maximize Your Healthcare

You can help you keep your healthcare costs manageable. But many families may not be maximizing the benefits their insurance provides—and could be paying significantly more than they need to for healthcare as a result. Here's how to ensure you get the most out of your insurance policy and benefits.

1. Go Shopping…Do you stick with the same insurance plan each year? Did you know that there are many new plans available each year? Some are la carte…however if you have a good agent they will make sure that you do not have a gap in coverage. Choose the right plan for your family instead of simply sticking with the same insurance plan each year.

2. Understand your plan. Once you sign up for a plan, and your cards and policies arrive do a policy review. Your agent will be happy to do this. Keep these cards on your person and your policies in a safe place.

3. Did you have an ER visit or surgery ? Still owe a large balance? Find an advocate to work with you. If there are errors or questionable charges the advocate may charge you a portion of the money they save you. Your savings may run into thousands of dollars depending upon the balance owed. It may be worth finding an advocate.

4. Stay in network when using doctors and hospitals. Understand in network and out of network it can make a huge difference in the amount you end up owing.

5. Deductible Maxed out? …that is a good time to schedule appointments for screenings, vision tests, and other services you may need to have done.

6. Mail order your Prescriptions. Check - it is amazing the amount of $ you can save by ordering your prescriptions 3 months at a time. Do this now! If you only need a prescription for 1 time (allergies, flu, etc.) be sure to use a discount program such as Good RX or one that is included in your plan.

7. Check with your insurance company regularly to see if there are any discount programs for fitness classes or other wellness programs. Download a free “health app” to your phone and keep up with your exercise, eating habits & more.

8. If you have Teladoc, MD Live or any of the many virtual doctor platforms register…. NOW! Don’t wait until you have an incident it will slow things down considerably if you have to register before you can consult with a doc. (Read my Blog on Virtual Docs).

By: Use the tips and let me have your comments!


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