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"People often ask me...How did you get started in the Health Insurance business?" So if you're curious here you go...Years ago I worked for a couple of small businesses running their H.R. Departments.... that involved employee benefits and finding employee health insurance.  I always found insurance interesting, all the choices and what was best & affordable for the employees and their families.  I have always been interested in helping others and eventually got involved in the supplement industry and worked in some doctors offices, offering supplements to their patients.  Many patients talked about their lack of affordable insurance.   Then sometime ago, I discovered that some of my friends could not afford health insurance for themselves and their children... it prompted me to find alternatives. There had to be some way that I could help them get affordable coverage. That inspired me to find other possibilities and options. I am all about saving my clients $$ they can STOP paying high monthly premiums, STOP paying high deductibles and STOP paying too much for prescriptions. I'm always happy to find clients the coverage they need at affordable prices. Thank you for the opportunity to help you!"~~ Susie

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      Susie Parker
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Can I save you 40% to 60% off your employee benefit packages and give them fantastic coverage?  The answer is simply Yes.... I can. 



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"You are a good person! 😊 Thanks again for your help.   I cannot stress how much I appreciate you and your willingness to help us out when nobody else was willing. I know I already said it, but the Insurance industry could really use more people like you. You pointed us in the right direction and to the right people and I am forever thankful! I will be sure to recommend you and Jana when anyone asks me about a good person/agent to talk to about insurance."

"I've known Susie a long time and she has integrity!  Not only does she listen to what her clients want, she educates them so that they fully understand their coverage and there are no surprises.   She will go the extra mile for her clients, I know she has for me.  I'm happy to endorse Susie." DVA

Susie reduced my annual employee benefit package premium by half !  Not only that , she is easy to work with and we now have fantastic coverage for all of our employees, which we consider "family".